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Everything that grows in our gardens should be protected with...


We love the deer but hate deer damage. For years the nurserymen have been telling homeowners that certain plants are "deer resistant"only to find out later that the deer ate them too. Gardeners have been told to "rotate repellents", it will trick the deer. Do we really have a nose to smell like the deer do? Of course we don't. No university study can predict what the deer will eat or not eat. At any time the deer can eat anything given the right conditions. However we have tested by trial and error and we believe that our formula for deer repellent really works in minimizing deer damage. Nothing can be "guaranteed" especially when it comes to wild animals but we believe in our product and so has many of the hundreds of others over the past 15 years. We know you will be completely satisfied. These products below are only available here online. Don't wait. Order now!

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